Hollywood Actor Hits Highest Ranks In Direct Sales Company Using Facebook Ads & a 3 Step System...What?!
Saturday June 1, 2019 - 2:05 pm
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Hollywood — Derk Cheetwood grows massive team and replaces Hollywood Income using Facebook & a 3 Step System.
Interviewed by Kirsten Lenahich - AP

Q. Tell me how you got involved in Direct Sales.
A. My Co-Star Steve Burton whom I'm still on General Hospital with approached me in way back in 2007 (Laughs) about joining an MLM after hearing our makeup artists at General Hospital talk about the success they were having in a particular company.

Q. You hit the top ranks in several companies, what was your process?
A. Well I started like everyone else I guess, bugging friends and family (Laughs) and have to say most thought I was crazy being on a T.V. show and all and being a working actor. But I just got in there and figured it out with a couple of friends, worked hard & achieved massive success.

Q. So replacing a Hollywood income with a MLM company is definitely a compelling story, tell us about that.
A. My first initial hope was to replace my wife’s income as a teacher was my first goal. I did that in 6 weeks and then went on to reach highest income ranks in that company in less than 8 months. It was life changing income because it was residual money which I’m used to making in showbiz but this income was also incredible because it also gave me time freedom as well! I loved the idea that I could live the lifestyle I was accustomed to while helping so many other people at the same time.

Q. Then you quit the industry after reaching the very top ranks in 2 different companies, why?
A. Well I saw 3 major issues with the industry, lead generation, recruiting & duplication. Although I had major success along with many others I just didn’t believe the process to be sustainable after you and your team run out of their warm market, so I went back to acting and started my digital marketing agency. Which I still run today.

Q. Digital Marketing does that tie into your story?
A. Well I went on to start 2 very successful eCommerce stores but found myself working behind a computer and not really interacting with anyone…kinda a thankless job. Although the money was great I missed the team aspect of the direct sales industry and decided to take my experience of spending millions of dollars on Facebook and apply everything I learned to addressing the issue the industry is plagued with which is the dreaded bugging of friends and family cliche as well as the 3 foot rule (Laughs) I mean my buddy "Larry Bagby" starred in the movie "Believe" and that movie was my worst fear about this industry (Laughs). I believed in the industry…just not the process!

Q. So how did you address the issue?
A. Again I loved the industry because I was not only able to make an incredible living but I was also able to partner with my friends and family and work together to achieve a life and income they never thought possible. I put a lot of time money & energy into cracking the code of recruiting on auto-pilot and only talking to people who are interested in working with me because I could give them the same system I use to have the kind of success that my team and I are in day out!

Q. Do you have acting projects coming up?
A. Yes I do...the greatest thing about the 3 Step System we all use is it allows us to all have time to do the other things in life we love to do and still build this business while living our lives. Really the best of both worlds if you ask me.

Q. You and your team are having massive success in your new company using a 3 Step System, can you tell me more about that?
A. Yeah, I’ve developed a 3 step system which I get into below…it works AMAZINGLY to say the least!
" The 3 pain points I needed to solve before I could get back into Direct Sales were; Lead Generation, Retention & Duplication. I didn't want to be the system anymore so I needed to create one. The 3 Step process I developed truly is a game changer not only for myself and my team, but for those who choose to use it!"
1. You Need A Sales Funnel That Runs On Auto-Pilot
The first problem that needed to be fixed was lead generation. " I've done so many home events, hotel meetings, and 3 way calls... it gets exhausting. Even if you do somehow manage to craft the perfect pitch, it's time consuming and not duplicatable for new people, says Derk."

A sales funnel is a sales machine that runs 24/7. They collect leads, show them your sales presentation, and get them enrolled automatically. If you want to do a lot of volume you need a sales funnel set up.
2. You Need To Master Paid Advertising
" The worst part of building my business back in 2007 was approaching people I personally knew. I wasn't scared, nervous, or lazy... they just weren't the best leads. When I ran out of people to talk to I had to either grow my warm market online or pitch my business to strangers on social media, says Derk."

Facebook ads are amazing. You can target people in certain areas with certain interests, and get substantial views and clicks. The key is to spend less on your ads than you make in bonuses. If you can do that, you'll be able to run it all day every day. I manage to get a 5x ROI on ad spend. Which means whatever I spend on ads I make five times more in up front commission.
3. You Need A System That Trains People In
" You've probably heard it before... the hard work starts after you get them signed up, right? That's mostly true because once they join you need to get them fully trained in. This is time consuming and not duplicatable on a large scale.
I use automated members areas that require a username and password to get access. Once they're in, the videos get them fully up to speed. There's even a FAQ section for people who need help. When I started leveraging these members areas I finally had real duplication in my business, says Derk."
In conclusion....
Once I hit one of the highest ranks in my company, I had people all over the industry hitting me up for help. This made me realize there was a big hole in the industry, so I created a 3 pillar system called "Rock Your Downline" that addressed all the pain points networkers have. 

I recorded a free webclass that explains a process that works for any company in the industry. It's around 40 minutes. You can click HERE to watch it instantly!

You're going to see me go in depth on the 3 step system I just went over and even share some powerful testimonials. I hope your readers Enjoy!
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